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II Marine Expeditionary Force


II Marine Expeditionary Force

Operational Excellence. Readiness. Standards. Dignity and Respect.

Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, N.C.



Operational Excellence:

Through tough, realistic training and rigorous assessment, II MEF delivers mission focused, relevant MAGTFs; lethal to our enemies, reliable to our allies and successful across the spectrum of conflict.  Safe execution of all missions is a by-product of professionals doing what they know is right.


Readiness is the bedrock on which we build mission success.  Whether it's the Marine or Sailor, the Family, or the machines and equipment we need to do our work, all must be in top condition.  For the Marine or Sailor: physical, mental and spiritual readiness for you and your Family is a must.


Adherence to high standards is what sets us apart.  We embrace our Corps' demand for meeting the standards we hold dear and we hold each other and ourselves accountable.  We must know our profession, our roles, our machines, our capabilities and our limitations - cold.

Dignity & Respect:

We are all inclusive.  Every one of us matters.  Regardless of our distinguishing characteristics, we work as one team and treat each other with respect - always.  We insist on interested, engaged and concerned leadership at every level.  Good command climate is a by-product of taking care of each other and ourselves.


It takes all four pillars of "What Matters To Us" to win, but none of that matters without you. We train hard, we work hard and we fight hard and every one of you are counted on every day. Mission accomplishment won't happen without you. You matter to us.