MCB, Camp Lejeune 24/7 Sexual Assault Help Line:

Uniformed Victim Advocate Training

The Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program Manager is available to provide training on sexual assault prevention and response.


MCB, Camp Lejeune Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program Manager:
Marie Brodie, SAPR Program Manager
Work: 910-450-5159, 0800-1600 M-F

What are people saying about training?

  • This instruction was very informative and fun.  The instructors know a lot of information and presented themselves as caring and loving their jobs.  This set the tone for the rest of the class to look at this billet and training as positive.  The interaction between classmates/students and the instructors was awesome.  They broke the monotony of slide shows with encouraged greater learning.  Awesome class and even better instructors! I will continue to talk about how great/informative this class was and maintain the positivity of the SAPR Program.
  • I liked the training.  A lot of info for 3 days but spot on in what information we need.  Hopefully we won't need to use it but if we do we know where to go.
  • Wonderful few days.  Changed the way I look at this sort of incident and definitely changed the way I would have approached victims had I not been taught the course.
  • Overall really good course to have in my toolbox, was not excited to come but I'm grateful that I did now.


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