Force Preservation
From the II MEF Commander

LEADERS ARE THE CRITICAL ELEMENT TO THE SUCCESS OF FORCE PRESERVATION. As we enter an era of decreasing resources, effective use of force preservation measures becomes increasingly important to maintaining a mission capable and ready MEF.  More importantly, we must do this as a duty to our nation and our Corps, and to keep faith with our fellow Marines and Sailors.“

Force Preservation

**IN CRISIS CALL 1-800-273-8255 (TALK)**Suicide Prevention Lifeline!**IN CRISIS CALL 1-800-273-8255


To function as the command main effort for evolving Force Preservation issues.  Focus on and coordinate safety, substance abuse, Combat Operational Stress Control, and suicide prevention programs and practices in order to maximize the combat readiness of Marines and Sailors in the MEF.


Force Preservation "Three P's":

Force preservation readiness is founded on adherence to standards and core values.  It is the foundation upon which we prepare, prevent and protect our force enabling them to be deployable and employable.  This achieves the appropriate force preservation posture facilitating the greater force readiness.  We prepare our Marines by training, educating and inculcating them to think, act and make decisions like we expect a U.S. Marine to do.  When recognizing indicators and warnings, they will know how to appropriately address what they observe and mitigate any behavior that risks individual or unit readiness.  The appropriate action should lead to preventing any action that diminishes readiness.  Should a trigger event occur requiring protective measures, we have the resources, knowledge and understanding to cast the widest net to protect all those impacted by the trigger event.  Throughout, we are providing feedback, response and lessons learned to ensure the cycle of understanding is continuous.

Force preservation is a mindset that must permeate throughout II MEF. The II MEF force preservation vision is to design an enduring approach, sustainable regardless of command or II MEF strategy changes. Its implementation will prepare and maintain a ready and resilient deployable force.

Force Preservation is a deliberate and continuous effort using the best capabilities and resources (means) available, employed (ways) by commanders and leaders to develop enduring force preservation readiness (ends). Leadership is synonymous with force preservation. A force preservation mindset must become a natural element within each Marine, Sailor and family member. Force preservation, built on a foundation of Marine Corps values applied through compliance with standards, facilitates a deployable and employable force. Force preservation actions develop and strengthen individual character, improve decision-making, and ensure resiliency. Successful force preservation actions manifest itself in totally fit Marines, Sailors and family members who are physically, spiritually, socially, and mentally resilient.

It is essential that force preservation efforts be “commander centric.” The MEF prevention capability, through the prevention director, analysts, and specialists, directly supports this strategy. This capability supports force preservation by facilitating collaborative partnerships. Extensive information exchanges between force preservation resources and capabilities inform commanders of force preservation posture, concerns, and recommendations. This collaboration provides commanders and leaders operational maneuver space to focus on deliberate force preservation actions aimed at Marine and Sailor transformational development and sustainment. 

Force Preservation OODA Loop: