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A Beretta M9 pistol sits holstered on the hip of a Marine with 2nd Law Enforcement Battalion during a weeklong weapon training exercise at Camp Lejeune, N.C., August 9. Marines advanced to the firing line where they stood facing their targets waiting to firing pistols in several drills designed to enhance their skills with the weapon. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Aaron K. Fiala)

Photo by Lance Cpl. Aaron Fiala

2nd LEB conducts weapon training package

15 Aug 2016 | Lance Cpl. Aaron Fiala II Marine Expeditionary Force

Marines with 2nd Law Enforcement Battalion participated in a Beretta M9 pistol shoot during a week-long weapon training exercise, August 8-12.

Upon arrival to the range Marines with the unit prepared their targets for the day and practiced dry fire drills, which allows Marines to go through all the movements of normal training without discharging their weapons.

Marines received their ammo, loaded their magazines and stepped up to the firing line for further instruction.

“We went through various drills in several shooting positions to enhance our knowledge, confidence, and skills with the M9,” said Lance Cpl. Bruce S. Beard Jr., a military policeman with the unit. “If we get into a gun fight, we aren’t limited to the basic skills anymore.”

The Marines had the opportunity to shoot while lying on their sides and backs, which is not typical for a normal training range, explained 1st Lt. Keith Brown, the training officer with the unit.

Every situation is handled in a unique way and requires the knowledge and skills to perform these techniques in an unconventional environment.

“This course is designed to make Marines aware of the 360 degree threat, because when you are down range, the threat is all around,” said Brown. “The threat isn’t going to be only in your lane, so a lot of the movement drills we are doing are designed to defeat that 360 degree threat.”

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