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Marines with Combat Logistics Regiment 2 prepare MK-19 automatic grenade launcher ammunition for familiarization training at shooting range G-3 at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, Apr. 29, 2016. The training honed their accuracy, communication abilities and suppressive fire capabilities.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Aaron Fiala

CLR-2 conducts automatic grenade launcher range

3 May 2016 | Lance Cpl. Aaron Fiala II Marine Expeditionary Force

Marines from Combat Logistics Regiment 2 participated in familiarization training at shooting range G-3 at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, April 29, in order to improve their marksmanship skills with the MK-19 Automatic Grenade Launcher.

“The purpose of the shoot was to sharpen our skills as gunners and increase our capabilities for Sabre Strike,” said Lance Cpl. Mathew D. Mills.
Sabre Strike 16 is a NATO exercise in Latvia to promote regional security and security cooperation efforts. 

During the exercise, CLR-2 will conduct a crew-served weapons live-fire range with NATO allies. The unit familiarized the Marines with the MK- 19 to prepare. 
The use of the MK-19 is to provide suppressive fire to prevent the enemy from being able to return fire. Suppressive fire is used while advancing, allowing the Marines to safely cover more ground. 

During the training, assistant gunners helped identify targets for the gunner, and both Marines were responsible for the proper functioning of the weapon. 
“It’s important to know the weapon system in and out, not just for cleanliness, but to check it for anything that might be wrong,” said Sgt. Justin Blakeway a cyber-network operator with the unit.

Blakeway explained that Marines need to know how to do more than load, aim, and shoot the weapon system in an enemy engagement. If a weapon malfunctions they need to properly apply remedial action to get the weapon back in the fight.

Crew-served weapons require teamwork and communication. After firing on the range, the Marines were able to develop the leadership skills required to operate the MK-19, which is something they can take with them on Sabre Strike 16.

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