From ship to shore: Norwegian Soldiers begin to unload vehicles

29 Feb 2016 | Cpl. Dalton Precht II Marine Expeditionary Force

Norwegian soldiers offloaded vehicles from incoming ships throughout the week in preparation for Exercise Cold Response 16 in Fiborgtangen, Norway, Feb. 21, 2016.

“The Marine Corps, with their NATO ally Norway, are demonstrating both the capabilities as well as the limitations of the overall transportation network within the country of Norway,” said Capt. Michael Brennan, the Strategic Mobility Officer for 2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade.

The Marines and Norwegians worked hand-in-hand to move thousands of troops into the training area.

“We came from Sorreisa. We are the first of three ships coming to the exercise,” said Norwegian Army 1st Lt. Tom Kildal, a heavy vehicle instructor with the Engineer Battalion.

While still located in the country of Norway, Kildal and his troops are still getting a change of scenery.

“This exercise is more interesting, this way we are in a place we’re not familiar with,” said Kildal. “In Northern Norway, we know the roads and we know where we can maneuver.”

Kildal and his soldiers will be at the ports ready to offload the incoming gear as the ships arrive.

“Once the last boat is unloaded, we will get shipped out to where the exercise will take place,” said Kildal. “We have multiple battalions starting off in different locations for this exercise.”

With this movement, the troops are coming in and the stage is being set for Cold Response 16 to start.

“I would like for my Marines to gain an appreciation for how we integrate with our coalition partners from all over the world,” said Brennan. “I want them to say that they learned something about how the other forces operate and integrate with us and how we do the same.”

Exercise Cold Response 16 is an exercise comprised of 12 NATO allies and partnered nations and approximately 16,000 troops.