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Marines of 2nd Platoon, Force Reconnaissance Company, II Marine Expeditionary Force, navigate through the Dutch Water Obstacle Course Nov. 11, 2010. The Marines completed the water obstacle course as part of the Tri Deux Colours International Competition.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Daniel A. Wulz

Recon Marines take first place in international competition

15 Nov 2010 | Lance Cpl. Daniel A. Wulz

The third day of the international competition Tri Deux Colours started out with a pack-run that covered nearly two and a half miles to the Dutch Water Obstacle Course in Curacao, Nov. 11, 2010.

Marines from Force Reconnaissance Company, II Marine Expeditionary Force, quickly tackled the water obstacle course and continued their run another two and a half miles to the ocean. Once they arrived, they ran more than a mile through shallow water until they reached paddle boats and rowed to a land-based obstacle course.

“The platoon handled all of the events today really well,” said Staff Sgt. Ryan J. Kuperus, a team leader for 2nd Platoon, Force Reconnaissance Co. “It shows how well Marines keep themselves in peak physical condition, no matter what. Being able to overcome any task put in front of us is essential to our mission. We didn’t train for this competition like some of the participants did; we only train to accomplish our missions in combat.”

The Marines completed the entire course in three hours, which gave them time to rest and prepare for the final day’s events, including a cat crawl and a shooting competition.

“I feel very confident about tomorrow,” said Kuperus. “The shooting portion of the competition should be easy for us.”

The cat crawl started out the final day of the competition for the Marines. It consisted of climbing a 100-meter rope that stretched over a 150-meter deep ravine.

“The cat crawl is all upper body strength, and it wears you out,” said Sgt. Samuel T. Myers, a reconnaissance Marine with 2nd Platoon, Force Reconnaissance Co. “I’m really tired. It’s been two long days, and now we’re going into another long day, but it’s great physical training for us. The fact that we’re doing well is very motivating.”

The shooting event was the last event of the Tri Deux Colours. The Marines were transported back to a Royal Netherlands Marine base in Aruba to rest and hear the results of the competition.

The Marines of Force Reconnaissance Co. placed first overall in the competition.

“This is the third international trophy that has been awarded to Force Reconnaissance Company within the past year,” said Kuperus.

After hearing the results of the competition, Maj. Bradford Carr, commanding officer of the company, spoke to the Marines briefly before they attended the post-competition dinner hosted by the Royal Netherlands Marines.

“There is always work that needs to be done and room to improve,” said Carr. “Force Reconnaissance Co. is the only American team to have won this competition. We have now won it twice.”