CAC card access makes username, password logins obsolete

10 Apr 2006 | Lance Cpl. Ryan M. Blaich

A Department of Defense mandated policy to improve computer network security will affect most of Camp Lejeune’s population - Marines’, sailors’, and civilians - starting April 14.

Everyone logging onto Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) computers will be required to use their common access card (CAC) and six to eight-digit personal identification number (PIN), eliminating the use of user name and password for account access.

The change will not effect users of legacy network domains, according to Maj. Allen Harper, information technology officer, II Marine Expeditionary Force.

“Once the cryptographic log in is implemented, individuals will not be able to use their old user name and password to access their computers,” Clontz stated. “The entire Marine Corps will be implementing the DOD directive through July.”

During the registration process, two scripts will be run. One will occur automatically, first time an individual reboots April 14. The second script must be run before May 31, according to Harper.

Lejeune NMCI network users are encouraged to visit the II Marine Expeditionary Force Intranet site at: from an NMCI computer for more information. From that site, tutorials are provided so users can be proactive and ensure their CAC card and PIN are valid.

If users have trouble completing the tutorials, they should seek assistance from their respective S-6/G-6 office.

“Those needing their CAC or PIN updated are encouraged to go to the identification card center as soon as possible to avoid the long lines,” said Ashley Clontz, Public Key Infrastructure Local Registration Authority. “They must be able to provide their military email address.”

Service members and government employees can also visit to schedule an appointment with the card center and avoid waiting in line.