Norwegian exchange officers visit Camp Lejeune

18 May 2005 | Cpl. Stephen M. DeBoard

Eleven Norwegian officers and one Norwegian civilian visited Camp Lejeune May 17-18, as part the Marine Corps Pre-positioned Program-Norway.

The tour is an annual officer-exchange program event sponsored by Headquarters Marine Corps. Its purpose is to allow the Norwegian defense establishment to familiarize Norway’s armed forces with Marine Corps capabilities and equipment relative to MCPP-N, a program designed to base equipment and supplies sufficient to support a Marine Expeditionary Brigade in a variety of operations anywhere in the world, said Maj. Robert D. Freeman, an operations analyst with the Installations and Logistics Division, Headquarters Marine Corps.

“We try to expose them to every possible aspect of MCPP-N deployments, planning and operations, as well as training and maintenance of facilities that support such activities,” Freeman said.

“The goal of the program is for the Norwegian officers to learn more about U.S. organization, capabilities and force structure so they can better understand the program (MCPP-N) in a wider perspective,” said Lt. Col. Kato Waage, exchange program officer, Norwegian Army.

The tour began May 17 with remarks by II MEF Operations office. Opening remarks were followed by a visit to II MEF Logistics and several briefings by various II MEF commands.

The Norwegian contingent was very impressed with the II MEF Capabilities Exercise, which served as the culminating event of the tour, especially the urban combat demonstration, beach landing and combined arms demonstration, said Waage.

“This tour is all a part of getting to know the Marine Corps better,” said Waage. “It was excellent. I loved it.”