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Marine Detachment trains up on martial art skills

By Melissa Buckley Guidon Staff | | January 24, 2013

January 18, 2013 -- A team from the Martial Arts Center of Excellence in Quantico, Va., spent Jan. 18 working with the instructors and senior leaders from Fort Leonard Wood’s Marine Corps Detachment.

“The Marine Corps Detachment already has an excellent Marine Corps Martial Arts Program, we are here to share our methodology to develop not only the physical aspects of our warriors, but the mental and character too. We like to emphasize that character is the bedrock of our program,” said Lt. Col. Patrick Beckett, MACE director.

Beckett said Fort Leonard Wood is the perfect place to teach the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program because there are so many young Marines that pass through the detachment every year.

“This is primary Military Occupation Specialty training. These young Marines are in the very formative period of their lives. MCMAP is an all Marine, every Marine, whole Marine program and this place has such a powerful influence on these young men and women. It can set them up for success for the rest of their lives,” Beckett said. “These young warriors are just learning their way. Since we have walked a thousand miles in the boots they are about to we are going to teach then how to do it right — ethically.”
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  • Seth Krattiger 90 days ago
    Being a martial arts instructor through the Marine Corps would be amazing! Can't think of better warriors to train!

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