Welcome Aboard!

We're excited to have you join the team. Please see the information below for helpful ways to make your check in process easier. 


2d Intelligence Battalion is located aboard Camp Lejeune at Wallace Creek. To drive to the unit, take the North Wallace Creek exit off of Wilson Blvd. 2d Intelligence Battalion is located on the southern side of the parking garage. Query "2d Intelligence Battalion" on Google Maps for specific travel instructions. See this document for parking information. For additional information, call the OOD at (910) 451-8575. 

Required Training

The following training modules are requirements for members of 2d Intelligence Battalion. Please complete and send your certificates to your sponsor or bring them with you when checking in:

Account Access

Please download and fill out a System Authorization Access Request (SAAR) Form for the networks to which you will need access. You may need to download the document in order to view it if it says "Please Wait...." See these instructions for additional information on what to fill out. Contact your sponsor for additional assistance. 

GTCC Instructions

All Marines must have access to a Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC). To gain access to one, please complete the following to present to the S-1 upon arrival: