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2d Radio Battalion Family Readiness Officer

Phone:  910-450-6359 (work)

Cell:  910-467-3515 (cell)

E-mail:  susan.hayes@usmc.mil






Commanding Officer’s

Personal and Family Readiness Policy

A large part of who we are as Marines and sailors is driven by our families. Our families provide the motivation and support that empowers us to be better and do more. These same families must also bear a certain level of sacrifice as we execute our missions, often in far off places, and for extended periods of time. While these times can be challenging, the larger family that is 2d Radio Battalion must ensure we continue to take care of our own. Through the Unit, Personal, and Family Readiness Program (UPFRP), we will take care of our families and support them as they face the challenges unique to our military families.

The purpose of the Family Readiness Program is quite simple. We will ensure our families have the tools, training, resources, and support needed to not only endure the hardships of the military family life but too also better support their Marine or sailor.

The Battalion Family Readiness Command Team (FRCT) will be the drivers of our Family Readiness Program. This includes myself, the SgtMaj, the Chaplain, the Deployment Readiness Coordinator (DRC), the Uniformed Readiness Coordinators (URC), and the Command Team Advisor (CTA). The DRC will serve as our primary conduit for communication with our families. The FRA will keep help me keep a finger on the pulse of what our families want or need.

While I am responsible for family readiness, this is your program. The FRCT can’t do it alone. We need your ideas, constructive feedback, and most importantly, support. I ask that you support our 2d Radio Battalion family through participation in events or through volunteering to become a trained Family Readiness Assistant (FRA). Maybe you or your service member doesn’t need support, but someone else might. Just as our Marines and sailors strive to make a difference every day, so can their families.

For additional support and information contact the 2d Radio Battalion Deployment Readiness Coordinator, Ms. Susan Hayes at (910) 467-3515, or susan.hayes@usmc.mil.




LtCol N. P. Doherty

Commanding Officer

2d Radio Battalion